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Moorook Primary SchoolMoorook Primary School

Welcome to Moorook
Primary School


At Moorook Primary School we strive to provide a safe, happy and caring environment as well as a quality education for all children in our care.

The school has a strong teaching focus on literacy and numeracy as well as the arts, including the visual arts and music, with many students participating in the Riverland Music Festival.

Further enriching programs such as environmental education, cooking classes, healthy eating and sporting and academic pursuits have also been developed.

We place a strong emphasis on positive psychology and a strength based curriculum and through this students and staff are able to identify strengths and use these to enhance their learning and well-being.  Students also have access to counselling services.  All this, along with the recent introduction of the whole school "Smiling Mind" mindful meditation program, works towards creating healthy, happy and resilient children.

Our values of CARING, HONESTY, RESPECT & SPORTSMANSHIP underpin all our work.

Sonya Warren, Principal